Digital Learning

The Shawnee Mission Board of Education unanimously approved recommendations in 2014 related to technology that are having an exciting impact on students and classrooms districtwide. As a result of the recommendations, a technological device has been placed in the hand of each child in Shawnee Mission.

The Digital Learning Initiative provides more resources in the classroom and is opening up more options for students to learn. Teachers continue to lead instruction, however the district has updated and changed the tools available. Students and teachers are actively learning together. The technology offers tremendous opportunity to personalize learning for students and encourage collaboration with a project-based focus.

Adding digital resources opens many doors to learning.  Shawnee Mission educators focus technology-integration in the following ways:

  • Personalization of learning 
  • Student research 
  • Project development using media production tools 
  • Digital storytelling, as well as 
  • Communication and collaboration.  

Students are guided to select, utilize, and apply technology tools when it best fits the assigned activity or project.  Time spent on daily technology use may vary based on the the topics of study in classrooms and respective grade levels.  Please contact your child's teacher or school leader for additional information on technology use strategies. 

For additional information regarding preparing students to use responsibly use technology, the district utilizes NetCetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online.  Additional information regarding the Digital Learning Initiative may be located on the district website.